2013 work year keeps going

27 November 2013 | Ashland, OR -- 2013 doesn't seem to stop for Siskiyou Mountain Club work crews.

We've been busy wrapping up signage projects on the Lone Pilot Trail, Soda Mountain Wilderness Area. And now we're getting a head start on the Pilot Rock Re-Route.
User path has degraded a sensitive meadow near Peregrine falcon habitat

Our crews will replace the popular user-created trail which has led to significant erosion in rare meadow habitat adjacent the outcrop, also near Peregrine falcon habitat.

The new trail is being engineered in an adjacent slope that is forested and more stable. It will average no more than 8% grade and will not exceed 15% for more than 200 continuous feet. 

The project will reduce erosion and prevent environmental degradation, as well as improve the user experience to this iconic landmark.
The slope is steep and will require skillful and arduous rock work to build switchbacks

We're getting started with a heavy rock project on the last 200 ft section of the current user created trail. We're hiring local workers, including youth, thanks to a challenge cost-share agreement with the Medford Bureau of Land Management.