Go-To-Work Wednesday

4 December 2013 | Ashland, OR -- The Siskiyou Mountain Club started in 2010 as a group of hikers with a trunk full of old tools, some hardhats, and a whole lot of gumption.

Not much has changed.

While the tools are now sharper, and our core group of volunteers has grown a lot, there's nothing that replaces hard work in the backcountry. And this year we put 27 southern Oregonians to work for over 2,000 hours total.

They saved 8-miles of trails threatened by unprecedented maintenance deferments, and maintained or improved an additional 20-miles of our most remote and outstanding trails.

So if you're getting sick of being bombarded on Giving Tuesday, join us tomorrow for Go-To-Work Wednesday, when we're going to release a ton of 2014 volunteer opportunities for you to participate in. And hopefully on Go-To-Work Wednesday you can open your calendar for us.